Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games
The best online casino games have a few key characteristics that make them great
for new players casino Singapore online. These factors are easy to find, simple rules, and high-energy music.
These elements are what keep players pressing the button and increasing their
chances of winning big. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out the pay
tables of all games to get the best payout percentages. Here are some ideas:

Best Online Casino Games in 2022 | Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & More
High energy music helps keep players pressing
the button
Gaming developers have found that high energy music is an effective way to keep
players pressing the button. This type of music can boost player’s spirits, make them
focus more on the game, and increase their chances of winning. However, not all
casino games use this kind of music. Instead, they use melodies and tones to
increase players’ anticipation. The music also helps minimize the psychological
impact of losing.
The tempo of the music has a direct correlation with a player’s speed. A high tempo
tends to evoke a sense of urgency, increasing a player’s bets and wagers. While
some players enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with playing fast, this style of
music can also encourage players to become reckless and overspending. On the
other hand, casinos benefit from this type of behavior.
Simple rules
While most online casino games are easy to understand, there are some that have
more complicated rules that you should understand. The rules of casino games vary
from game to game, and understanding these rules before playing is crucial for your
success. Without the right knowledge, winning will be nearly impossible. Listed
below are some tips for understanding the rules of casino games. By following these
tips, you can improve your chances of winning big at online casinos. And remember:
the best time to learn the rules is before you play them.
The simplest online casino game to play is slots. Like traditional slots, online slots
are similar in appearance. The reels in online slots have pictures on them, and if you
match up pictures on the reels, you win. While slots are easy to play, they require
some practice to master. For beginners, slot machines are the best way to start.
There are several types of slot games, so you can learn more about them by reading
this article.

Online Mobile Casino In Malaysia: Regal88
Attractive odds
The most attractive odds for online casino games are those that offer the best
chances of winning. Although the house always has an advantage over the player,
there are some games with a lower house edge than others. For example, a 2%
house edge means that the casino is 2% more likely to win each round than the
player. The opposite of this advantage is the return to player percentage, which
represents the amount that the house will pay back to the player.

Easy to find
You can find many types of gambling games online. You can find many variations of
classic casino games like blackjack. Slot machines, on the other hand, have a very
simple game mechanic. In a game of blackjack, two players are dealt cards and the
object is to get as close to nine as possible. The more cards that you have, the
higher your chance of winning. Baccarat is also popular in online casinos and is one
of the most popular card games.
Most online casinos feature hundreds of games. The trick is to choose the right one
for you. Fortunately, the selection is wide. You can even find sites with just a $5
deposit. But before you begin playing, you should make sure to check out the
minimum deposit amount for each site. It is also a good idea to check out the
categories of games, so you can find games you’ll enjoy. This way, you can have
more fun and win more money.

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Malaysian Dating Apps – Which One Should You Use?

Malaysian Dating Apps – Which One Should
You Use?
When you’re looking for a date in Malaysia, there are many options. You can try a free dating
app called Tinder, which will display profiles of people who may be a good match for you. Once
you’ve chosen a potential match GoBuddy, you can swipe left or right to chat with them. The app is
completely free, and you can set your location. While Malaysians are a beautiful race, it’s
important to consider that you might not find the perfect match.

The Best Dating Apps 2020 - Free Apps to Hook Ups and Relationships
The best free Malaysia dating app is the one you’re already using. This application is free and
allows you to find potential matches by location and special interests. Its features include the
ability to search by gender Go Buddy Malaysia dating sites, age, and body type, among other categories. Depending on your
level of membership, you can also conduct video chat and voice mail. You can choose from a
large database of potential matches. After deciding which app to use, you can browse through
their profiles.
If you’re looking for a Malaysia dating app, you’ve come to the right place. The location-based
Malaysia dating app, MalaysianCupid, allows you to search for matches by location, age, and
gender. The app also offers filters based on physical characteristics, including height, weight,
and body type. Once you’ve selected a profile, you can refine your search by gender, body type,
and age.
Has hook-up culture
Is Malaysia’s hook-up culture getting out of hand? The answer might surprise you. Hook-up
culture has always existed, but it has grown more mainstream over the past several years. In
fact, many researchers argue that hook-up culture is a direct result of more readily available
contraceptives, which make it easier for people to engage in casual sex. However, it should be
noted that hookups aren’t necessarily the best way to build emotional bonds.

Best Hookup Sites 2021: Top Free Casual Adult Dating Apps
Has transparency
There are numerous benefits to using MalaysianCupid, one of which is its transparency. Users
can choose to be anonymous, but MalaysianCupid does allow members to choose their level of
privacy. In addition to being totally free, the dating app also offers phone calls from international
locations, a privacy statement, and an extensive database of verified members. For a premium
membership, the cost of MalaysianCupid is affordable, and users can choose whether or not to
pay in full or use the free version.
Is it safe?

With the advent of technology, Malaysians have embraced the dating app trend. They constantly
check their phones, use the internet for jobs, and create profiles on dating websites to find love.
However, they don’t realize that they could be falling victim to Malaysian romance scams. This
article will explore the pros and cons of using a dating app in Malaysia. Here are some tips to
stay safe while using the app.

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Hyperverse – Is it a Scam?

Hyperverse – Is it a Scam?
If you’re interested in investing in Hyperverse, a virtual metaverse platform, you’ve come to the
right place. Before you spend your money on this new cryptocurrency, you should understand
what it is and how it works the hypercommunity net. Compared to other types of cryptocurrencies, HyperVerse is not as
volatile as some people think it is, which makes it a great choice for investors who want to
maximize their returns. Although HyperVerse is not regulated by the SEC, you can use
CoinMarketCap to make purchases with various currencies. You can purchase HyperVerse
using various currencies, such as U.S. Dollars and Euros, on platforms that offer different levels
of security, reliability, and liquidity.

Hyperverse Scam Or Legit {Mar 2022} Contract Address
Hyperverse is a virtual metaverse platform
The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that people can enter using a VR or AR headset. Users can
interact with other players in the metaverse by building, participating, or trading with others.
People can also sell self-crafted items in the metaverse hyperverse cryptocurrency. Mark Zukerberg’s idea was to create a
world where users can interact and engage in commercial transactions. The Hyperverse allows
this to happen.
The term “metaverse” refers to a range of digital experiences that allow people to interact in both
real and virtual spaces. The term may also refer to a big VR multiplayer game or an environment
that seamlessly integrates physical and digital spaces. As this technology evolves, different
brands are developing different applications and services. There is a huge scope of potential
functionality for this platform. However, its potential is still unclear.
It is a cryptocurrency
The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Hyperverse has attracted investors’ interest, but the new
project has raised questions about its legitimacy. While thousands of investors bought into the
hype, some have become suspicious of the new cryptocurrency. Its price soared up to $7.7 a
few days ago but has since dropped to $1. In the past, new entrants to the cryptocurrency
market have tried to gain the trust of investors by offering high ROI.
The Hyperverse is a decentralized financial system based on blockchain technology. The
cryptocurrency, HVT, is used to pay for transactions on the platform. The currency also gives
holders voting rights in issues related to governance. There are only ten billion Hyperverse
tokens available for sale. As a result, investors can expect massive profits. Hyperverse is
promising investors a 300% return on their investment, and it is incentivising participants to
recruit more people and reinvest their returns.

Hyperverse Crypto: Is it a Scam -
It is an unregulated investment company
There are a number of problems with Hyperverse, including its unregulated nature. First of all, it
is difficult to determine whether this company is trustworthy, especially because of the lack of
regulation. Second, because of its lack of regulation, it is easy to be scammed. Lastly, this
company is anonymous, and its website does not provide much information. Lastly, it may even
go out of business at any time.

The website itself contains a link to the Ethereum blockchain, which is the foundation of the
business plan. Once there, it will be easier to find and compare different currencies. This is
particularly helpful if you’re new to investing in cryptocurrencies. The platform will even allow you
to search for USDT using the built-in currency converter. After you’ve chosen a currency, you
can then withdraw it to your HyperVerse account or to a Coinbase account or debit card. The
company is also highly active on Telegram, where it informs investors of new projects.
It is a scam
In this article, we’ll talk about the Hyperverse scam, one of the many investments that are being
promoted by the unregulated and fraudulent investment firm. The scammers hide their identities
by using fake names and employ voice actors in their marketing campaigns. Moreover,
Hyperverse boasts of its crypto schemes, but these are just not credible. As a matter of fact, the
crypto market is littered with scams and fraudulent investments masquerading as legitimate
investment opportunities.
The Hyperverse company claims to offer excellent ROI to new investors. This is true, but this
company is a ponzi scheme because the owner of the company is not transparent about the
financial status of the business. Furthermore, there’s no official documentation of its ownership,
and the company can go bankrupt at any time. Therefore, investors must be careful and perform
research before investing their money. If you have any doubts about Hyperverse, don’t hesitate
to ask the support team for help.

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How to Overcome an Addiction to Gambling Online

How to Overcome an Addiction to Gambling
The first step towards overcoming an addiction to gambling online is to strengthen your support
system. This includes family and friends. In addition singapore online casino, make new friends outside of the world of

gambling. Join a peer support group such as Gamblers Anonymous. This group follows a twelve-
step recovery program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous. You will be paired with a sponsor

who is a former gambler who can provide guidance and motivation. In addition to this, a
professional coach can also help you overcome an addiction to gambling.

Helping My Spouse With Gambling Addiction | Gateway Foundation
There are many benefits of gambling online. First, it offers a plethora of games. There are
hundreds of games to choose from Online gambling, and many online casinos have sportsbooks, bingo rooms,
and poker rooms attached. Another benefit of gambling online is the convenience of transferring
funds from one tab to another. In addition to playing hundreds of games on the Internet, you can
also place a bet on major sporting events, such as the World Series.
Second, gambling online offers a wide variety of game choices. You can choose from hundreds
of games. There are many different markets for each game. For example, if you are looking for a
sports game, you can find it there. If you prefer casino games, try sports betting, or keno. You
can also find a wide variety of poker variants online. Lastly, you can use the Internet to play
other games. The more options you have, the better.
Finally, gambling online offers a wide variety of games. There are a plethora of poker, bingo, and
sportsbooks. You can also gamble on the big sporting events through these sites. You can
transfer funds from one tab to the other. You’ll never be bored with gambling online. You can find
hundreds of games, and you’ll have fun and make some money in the process. Even if you don’t
have a lot of money, you can play for free.

How Do I Treat a Gambling Addiction?|Pyramid Walden
Another advantage of gambling online is that you can access a plethora of different games.
Many online casinos include poker and bingo rooms. These games allow you to play different
types of games with a single account. These gaming sites may have a large range of themes
and titles. Moreover, you can find a variety of betting options. These sites also allow you to play
poker for real money. This way, you can make real money bets on a variety of events.
The second advantage of gambling online is the variety of games available. There are dozens of
websites dedicated to poker, bingo, and sports. There are also several sportsbooks. In addition,
you can transfer funds from one tab to another with the help of a bank account. You can also
find a great variety of markets and games to play with the real money you make online. If you’re
looking for a place to bet, gambling is a great way to make money.

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How to Avoid Losing Money While Playing in a Casino

How to Avoid Losing Money While Playing in
a Casino
If you are new to online gambling, it is important to learn about the rules before you begin
playing. Many casinos require a small entrance fee claim free credit new member, and these fees can be automatic depending
on the amount you deposit. This means you need to pay attention to your budget and to your
personal preferences when selecting an institution. If you do not feel comfortable with your
chosen institution, you can always choose another one. Here are some tips to help you avoid
losing money while playing at an online casino:

How to Avoid Losing Money at the Casino -
Online gambling has long been legal and popular. It has grown exponentially in popularity since
the late 1990s. As of 1996, there were fifteen gambling websites jdl688 club. By 1998, the Internet Gambling
Prohibition Act had been introduced in the US. In 1999, multiplayer online gambling sites were
introduced. These websites also tended to be faster and more reliable than their browser-based
counterparts. There were several issues that made this method of online gambling popular.
Using an online casino site is a safe and convenient way to gamble. Because the games are
played in virtual locations, they are not subject to regulation. Players can use their credit cards
or virtual money to play. In addition to credit cards, some websites also accept e-wallets. These
are special online wallets that enable you to make withdrawals anywhere in the world. Many
gaming websites offer special bonuses for new players to encourage them to join.
If you’re new to online gambling, a free option would be to play games in a casino that doesn’t
require a full casino credit card balance. The advantage of this is that you can choose a place
that has the lowest price. This way, you can play online while saving money. However, you
should always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert while playing online. These tips can
help you protect yourself while playing online.

Impact of Gambling on the Economy | Two Wheels Better
There are some countries where online gambling is illegal, but you can play for fun. Most of
these countries have laws against online gambling, but you should never bet more money than
you can afford to lose. If you want to play for real, you should research about the casino. A great
place to begin your research is the Internet, but you should be wary of scammers. Once you
decide on a site, it is important to check out its credentials.
When you’re choosing an online casino, check if it’s regulated. Legislation has varied wildly. The
best place to play for real money is a website that has a legitimate license and is regulated by a
government authority. If you can’t find a licensed casino, try to find a non-regulated site. Most
online gambling sites are unregulated, and they aren’t allowed to accept credit cards.

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Motivate People By Using Amazing Corporate Event Ideas

Motivate People By Using Amazing Corporate Event Ideas


Corporate events are organized and funded by a business entity to motivate people to raise funds online events malaysia, social events, improve relationships, increase sales, or launch an event. Some companies will hold the event periodically, like a conference meeting or summer party, while some will only organize something important to announce. People come up with unique corporate event ideas as per their interest.

5 Unique Corporate Event Ideas | The Motivational Speakers Agency

How to Plan A Corporate Event?


Make a checklist of activities that you have to do to make the event successful.

  • Set specific criteria for the event.
  • Decide corporate event ideas and themes. 
  • Decide whether an agency or external partner should help.
  • Set Return of Investment for the event. 
  • Create a sheet to keep track of the budget.
  • Decide on a venue. 
  • Organize activities.
  • Book speakers for the event if needed.
  • Create a contingency plan.
  • Review the progress of the plan.
  • Gain feedback from the attendee. 


Why Are Corporate Event Important to Motivate Employees?


You do not always organize events for fun; sometimes, big firms organize corporate events very often. Employees get motivated when the organization comes up with unique corporate event ideas to conduct an event to promote them, summer parties, or dinners. A company or conference meeting helps employees connect with their mission and make them more passionate about their work. A team-building activity or dinner can break from daily stress and help them get relaxed and calm.

Various types of events hold a remarkable motivational impact on people. Company events improve their culture, strengthen the team, boost morale, and promote employee’s creativity

15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas for Your Next Event - Eventbrite

Various Formats for Corporate Events


  1. Conferences

You organize these to motive and train attendees.

  1. Exhibitions

Conduct them to promote particular products.

  1. Award dinner

The purpose is to hold it during an award ceremony for an industry company.

  1. Motivational programs

Allow the audience to learn about products and services through campaigns.

  1. Launch events

Companies hold these events to launch a service, product, or building.

  1. Company meetings

It is a formal meeting between stakeholders, board members, and shareholders.

  1. Team building

People conduct them in the form of a challenge for employees to work as a team and deliver a solution.


Various Corporate Event Ideas


  • Summer event ideas for companies such as Business festivals, carnival parade, dinner.
  • Outdoor cinema screening
  • Fundraiser events make a difference in society.
  • Adventure corporate event ideas like skydiving, aerial yoga, sailing trips, and much more.
  • Art and cultural events like painting with a twist, music concerts, or cooking classes will attract parents to enroll their children and allow active participation. 
  • Sports-related ideas like golf or cricket tournaments or events featuring celebrity sports players will invigorate young minds towards the organization.
  • Relaxation and wellness events like meditation classes, yoga classes, or massages will raise the ideology of peace and culture. 
  • Giving creative opportunities to people to participate through their social media handles using hashtags is an exceptional strategy. 
  • You can conduct a workshop or quiz for children.


Using creative corporate event ideas can release stress and tension. The event need not be scary or big. Conduct small events for enjoyment. Organizing events can explore new skills and give ideas that would be memorable for the attendees.

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What is an Online Casino Promotion?

What is an Online Casino Promotion?
An online casino promotion is a great way to save time and money while playing your favorite
games. These bonuses are given out without deposit, but you can take advantage of them.
These offers vary greatly casino singapore online, and the amount of money you can win can depend on what the
promotion is. To avoid being ripped off, you should know how to read a promotional offer before
signing up. Then, you can take advantage of it and make the most of it.

The Best Bonuses for New Online Casino Players of 2021
An online casino promotion is not a promotion if you do not deposit money. However, it is a good
idea to read the small print online bet singapore. A lot of casinos will have deals that require a deposit before players
can claim their bonus. You can also find deals that give you free spins or even free money
without making a deposit. Usually, these offers do not require any deposit. You should be wary
of any promotions that do not have terms and conditions.
In addition to the bonuses, you can also get free food and a free ticket. In addition, you can also
collect loyalty points, which are awarded to loyal players. You can also get free tickets for
concerts or other events. These promotions are available at many different online casinos.
There are so many different ways to earn bonus funds. Just make sure to read the fine print
before you sign up. You could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The possibilities are
A free online casino promotion is an excellent way to attract new players. Usually, the casino
awards free promotions to all new sign-ups. These promotions can be as simple as giving away
a free ticket to a show, or they can be as complex as creating a free game for the player to play.

Why Online Casinos are A Great Way of Spending Time |
Once you’ve received a free ticket, you’re ready to start playing. But be careful: you can’t
withdraw them right away.
A good online casino promotion is a great way to get new players. It’s important to be able to
understand what the promotion is before signing up. This way, you can choose the best one to
suit your needs. For instance, a free VIP ticket can help you win exclusive prizes, or you can
cash in on a special prize that’s worth real cash. Another example of an online casino’s
promotional program is a freebie that rewards you for playing certain games. It might be a reload
bonus or free spins.
A good online casino promotion will offer free cash or spins in exchange for a customer’s
registration. Most of these offers require players to play a certain number of rounds at the casino
to qualify for the free cash. They may also require players to sign up for a particular game or
make a deposit. Some of these bonuses can be worth a lot of money, and many people don’t
even realize that they’ve been playing at an online casino for years.

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Gambling Casino Games

Gambling Casino Games
There are different kinds of gambling casino games. Craps is a popular game that requires little
skill and can be played for fun or for real money. Many people play craps to win money.
Blackjack is the hardest game to win Online Slots India, with very few winning strategies. Fortunately, there are
many online casinos that allow you to play online. And because there are so many variations,
you can always find a new game to try. If you haven’t already, here are a few of the most popular
casino games:

Best Gambling Games to Play to Win Real Money –
Regardless of your preferred style of gambling, online casinos are convenient ways to play and
win money. You don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy a gambling casino game. You can
win big money and enjoy yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you love to
gamble Sports Betting, you’ll find a number of online casinos that offer this type of game. You can play your
favorite casino games from the comfort of your own home with a click of a mouse.
There are several advantages and disadvantages to gambling online. The biggest drawback is
the uncertainty. Whether you win or lose, your outcome may be unpredictable, which can cause
a loss or a profit. That’s why you’ll never find a sure-fire system to predict the stock market’s
future, so you can’t depend on it. Nevertheless, many people make huge amounts of money
playing the financial markets online.
Another benefit of online gambling is that the casino can easily acquire venture capital. This way,
you can be sure that your money is protected. Since the gambling industry is very lucrative, you
can find many ways to make money and win big. For instance, if you’re lucky, you can make a
profit even if you don’t win a bet. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect game that
fits your budget and tastes. The most important thing is to have fun.

Top 3 Most Profitable Casino Games –
The biggest drawback of online gambling is that you don’t know what you’re doing. There are no
payouts. But you can still win big in other ways, as long as you’re not cheating. The best place to
play online is at a casino that offers a variety of gambling casino games. And it’s worth looking
around before you make a decision. The benefits of playing online are many. Besides, you can
learn about the various types of gambling casino games.
When playing online, it is important to consider the legalities of gambling in your country. It’s
important to make sure that you’re safe. Generally, the Internet is not safe. If you’re playing
illegally, you can face the consequences of your actions. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a lot of
fun. You can try your luck and make money in casino games. Once you get used to gambling, it
will become second nature.

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Learn how an apple a day can make a difference

These days, the quest for a healthier lifestyle and positive eating habits is what most people are wanting these days. In short, increasing life expectancy and worrying about ‘how’ you will live in the next few years is almost the rule nowadays.

We all know that a good diet can influence our health and the willingness we have to face the day-to-day. The secret is not just eating fruits and vegetables. Rather, eat a balanced diet with all foods in the right amounts. That’s because our bodies need a little of each food for us to have a healthy life.

And in these times where everyone is looking for health, or at least trying, research into which foods are good for health are recurrent. Fruits are always among the recommendations for healthy eating .


That’s because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. For example, the apple. This theft makes a difference in the body and can protect the person from some diseases when it is consumed in the right amount. All this because the apple has several health benefits.

According to what American studies show, the apple decreases the incidence of type 2 diabetes because it has an antioxidant. For example, if women eat a green apple on an empty stomach, it decreases their chance of having diabetes by up to 30%.

According to Valéria Goulart, a nutrologist at the Brazilian Association of Nutrology, apples contain polyphenols that protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, the fruit also has a fiber called pectin. This fiber reduces the absorption of fats that are ingested on a daily basis, consequently also helping to fight bad cholesterol.


“The apple is able to relieve stomach pain, it helps to fight gastritis because it works as a gel. This fruit increases the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for aiding memory, and thus reduces the chance of the individual triggering Alzheimer’s or stroke,” said Valéria.

“Polyphenols also act as anti-inflammatory drugs and reduce the chance of a person having cancer, especially in the digestive tract. Another function is to fight free radicals, those that delay aging, favor the production of collagen, help with oral health, malic acid that increases saliva production, reducing the proliferation of bacteria, which form the bacterial plaque”, he continued.

A study by the National Institute of the United States showed that eating an apple a day is good for your health and prevents various diseases. The study was carried out with more than eight thousand people. And for a year, approximately 10% of them ate an apple daily.

Include in the diet

It was seen that these people did not need to take many medications, they did not get sick and the apple still gave them more energy and energy. That’s because, although fruit is low in calories, it has carbohydrates and fiber.

An important recommendation made by Valéria is that the best time to consume apples is for breakfast because of the pectin present in the fruit’s peel. It slows down digestion and also slows down the absorption of sugar in the body. In this way, the intestine will function in a healthy way.

“Because it is a fruit rich in fiber and water, it causes a feeling of satiety and reduces appetite. It has pectin in the skin that reduces the absorption of sugar, and this is excellent for those who want to lose weight. In addition, whoever eats an apple 15 minutes before meals eats 200 calories less,” said Valéria.

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Youtuber won $10,000 bet for “breaking” the laws of physics

The physical basically deals with the science of nature, seeks to describe, predict and explain phenomena through laws that happen to the matter in the course of space and time. And even with many scientists working tirelessly every day, there are still unsolved mysteries. Or, if discoveries are made that were previously thought.

In short, this field of study is very broad and can always have a new twist, even if unintentionally. For example, the case of Derek Muller. When he took an experimental land yacht for a spin, it was not in his plans to make a scientific controversy. And sure enough, Muller wasn’t trying to win $10,000 on a bet.

Break concepts

Muller is the creator of the “Veritasium” YouTube channel. He likes to break trendy scientific concepts for the pleasure of his nearly 10 million followers. In May of that year, he published a video about a vehicle called Blackbird.

Rick Cavallaro, a former aerospace engineer, created the vehicle that runs on wind energy. He is the only one that can move directly downwind and faster than the wind itself for a period of time.

And any sailor can tell that a boat can also do this by cutting zigzag patterns, which is called grip. However, the idea that a vehicle can beat the wind by traveling in a straight comb line, without making any bends, is quite controversial.

“I knew this was a counterintuitive problem. To be perfectly honest with you, when I went out to pilot the ship, I didn’t understand how it worked,” Muller said.


In fact, the vehicle is so counterintuitive that less than a week after Muller released his video, UCLA physics professor Alexander Kusenko emailed him to tell Muller that something must be wrong. “A vehicle like this would violate the laws of physics,” Kusenko said.

“I said, ‘Look, if you don’t believe this, let’s put some money into this,’” Muller said. The youtuber suggested a $10,000 bet figuring the teacher wouldn’t take it. However, to Muller’s surprise, Kusenko accepted the bet.

Over the next few weeks, the two exchanged data and discussed the vehicle. The two even called on other big names in science, such as Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, to help them decide which one was right. And in the end, Muller won the bet.


After a few days that Muller suggested the bet, Kusenko sent him a document with the terms of the bet. “Everything was always super airtight, I never saw a way to lose,” said Muller.

“Thanks to the laws of physics , I’m not risking anything,” Kusenko said. The professor was also quite confident that he would win the bet. So much so that he gave an hour-long presentation to Muller explaining why he was sure the youtuber had been fooled by science.

According to Kusenko, the Blackbird likely took advantage of intermittent wind gusts that helped the vehicle accelerate. In return, Muller sent the teacher data from the driving test in his video.

On the journey made on the bed of Lake El Mirage in Arizona, the vehicle accelerated more than two minutes. Which would have been impossible if he had counted on the gusts of wind. Blackbird reached a speed of 45 kilometers per hour in a tail wind of 16 kilometers per hour.

So Kusenko admitted that “due to a technicality the vehicle moves a little faster than the wind temporarily.”

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